Situated in the coastal town of Fleetwood, this property has a low purchase price of £76,000 and is a two bed freehold terraced house with living/dining room, kitchen and bathroom. More in need of a tidy up than a complete renovation job, it is in good condition with market comparables locally fetching over £95,000 and a NET ROI on this at over 32%

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Financial Breakdown

Quick Sale Price: £76,000
Deposit: £19,000
Est Rent PCM: £650
Mortgage Payment PCM: £142.50

NET Profit PCM: £507.50
NET Profit PA: £6,090.00
NET Yield 10.2%
NET ROI 32% 

Gordon Road



Potential Market Value £95,000

Purchase Price £76,000

Discount £19,000

20% BMV

Launched May 2022