This semi-detached property in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria is 20% below market value if brought with our purchase price of £152,000 as market comparables are at £190,000 locally. The 3 bed freehold property does need modernising throughout with kitchen and bathroom ideally upgraded for adding value and is currently vacant situated on Walney Island.

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Financial Breakdown

Quick Sale Price: £152,000
Deposit: £38,000
Est Rent PCM: £600
Mortgage Payment PCM: £285

NET Profit PCM: £315
NET Profit PA: £3,780
NET Yield 6.3%
NET ROI 9.9% 

Maryport Avenue


LA14 3LR

Potential Market Value £190,000

Purchase Price £152,000

Discount £38,000

20% BMV

Launched March 2022