This 3 bed property over four floors in Mid-Wales offers a discount below market comparables of up to £20,000 and can be purchased as a flip, traditional buy-to-let, HMO, or holiday home. The property certainly needs modernisation with a kitchen and bathroom ideally required – externally there are cracks on the cladding but the brickwork as is the roof. 

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Financial Breakdown

Quick Sale Price: £75,000
Deposit: £18,750
Est Rent PCM: £600
Mortgage Payment PCM: £140.62

NET Profit PCM: £459.38
NET Profit PA: £5,512.56
NET Yield 8%
NET ROI 29% 

Old Kerry Road


SY16 1BP

Potential Market Value £95,000

Purchase Price £75,000

Discount £20,000

21% BMV

Launched January 2022